Improve the Batter Life for Your Samsung Galaxy Device

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  • Date: August 26, 2020
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Improve the Batter Life for Your Samsung

How long does the battery last? This is a common question for most buyers, and there is nothing that lets down the buyer than having a great device with a battery that won’t last a whole day. While Samsung has massively improved their devices’ battery life, some users still have a dented experience with Samsung batteries draining too fast.

At times, this may not be the device’s problem or the battery but the settings you have applied on your device. As such, the following are 5 tips to improve the battery life of your Samsung device:

  • Limiting the power discharged from the battery is the surest way of ensuring the power in the battery lasts all day long. This can be done using techniques such as turning off the Always-on Display mode (AOD), deleting bloatware, and enabling ultra-power saving mode. While AOD consumes significantly less power than powering on the screen, it is an unessential feature that will drain the battery. Luckily, you can configure your Samsung device to show the AOD on tap, or completely turn off the feature to save the battery.
  • Deleting bloatware reduces your Samsung phone background activity by uninstalling unnecessary apps that consume both your battery and memory. Reducing background activity contributes to improving battery life as your phone will not consume as much power when idle.
  • Ultra-power saving mode is an excellent battery saving feature in Samsung devices. This feature limits the applications that can be accessed, turning down the brightness, and limiting the CPU speed to a certain percentage, usually 70%. In ultra-power saving mode, the battery will last twice as much as when the device is in normal power consumption and configurations. This mode also extends battery life by blocking applications from access location or data in the background and allows access to a simplified home screen presented in dark mode for less power consumption.
  • The adaptive brightness feature also optimizes the usage of battery in Samsung devices. This feature automatically regulates the brightness of the screen to match the current ambient settings. This ensures the brightness is good enough for the current environment and reduces battery consumption, especially in low lighting settings.
  • Extending your battery’s charging time will also improve the battery life and ensure its storage capacity is maintained. While modern Samsung devices are equipped with a fast-charging capability, this reduces the battery’s storage capacity and reduces the battery life of the device. Fast-charge is a handy feature when in a rush, but this feature can be turned off when you have ample time to charge your phone. This will help maintain the storage capacity of the battery and ensure it serves you long enough.


Improving your Samsung’s battery health and battery life requires you to limit energy consumption by the hardware and software elements of your device. Adopting simple strategies and utilizing specific features mentioned in this article will improve your battery life by over 30% a day.

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