Additional power supply for the camera

  • By: Ismena Walczak
  • Date: November 30, 2020
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Additional power supply for the camera – how to choose a battery replacement and charger?

Every photographer knows how important a decent and long-lasting battery is. Often more than one – sometimes it is difficult to predict how many photos we will have to take. So if you are in the process of looking for a new or spare – from this text you will learn how to choose a battery for your camera or camcorder.

How to check the battery model?

The matter is very simple. Camera batteries have their markings, thanks to which we can see if it will fit our equipment. The easiest way is to check the model of the ooriginal battery. Where can we find such information? Of course, on the sticker on the original.

Spare battery – what to look at?

The original batteries that we can buy for our camera have only one disadvantage – they are relatively expensive. When deciding on a cheaper battery replacement, we must remember a few basic rules:

All cells, rechargeable many times, are designed for a given number of charges at a specific capacity. In the case of substitutes, as the capacity in mAH increases, the number of recharges such as battery without risk of wear decreases.

The safe value is considered when the battery replacement has +/- 10% of the capacity value. I consider it a big exaggeration when the battery has two or three times the declared capacity than the original cell. In such a situation, either the manufacturer deceives heavily or we decide to run the risk of “spilling” the battery in the camera’s battery compartment.

When choosing a battery of unknown origin, we must be aware of the risk that it will not work with the original char such It happens that the cheapest replacements (for about 10% of the price of the original) require a separate charger, adapted only to them.

The voltage can easily be lower or higher by 0.2V and it does not affect the operation of the camera.

What to avoid

Suspiciously low prices. If you see the “original” battery at a fraction of the cost, you better skip that purchase. Such things do not occur in nature, and you are probably thinking about buying a well-prepared counterfeit. The suspiciously high capacity, compared to the original battery, should also cause concern. It is also worth checking the weight of the replacement, because they can be several times lighter than the original, which does not bode well.

Then what to buy?

I give up replacements for the original batteries. I used to use third-party batteries, although I must admit that I was lucky with them. Only once did I come across a battery that I was just afraid to use. If you want to save, do it wisely. Buy a proven replacement from a well-known company. If you are unsure of your purchase, the easiest way is to browse the online forums where users have already tested everything.

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